Little Blue Pill that Changed ED Forever

When the little blue pill known as Viagra first came onto the market, it was an instant hit within the medical community. Who would've thought that such a tiny thing could improve the lives of millions of men all over the world?

While sex may not be the most important part of life, a healthy and normal sex life definitely ranks pretty high on the priority list for most men and women. But, for many men, erectile dysfunction (ED) can prevent them from not only enjoying the physical aspect of sex, but can also cause unnecessary mental frustration and pain for both partners.

The prevalence of erectile dysfunction is far more common than most people realize. Prior to the blue pill, the majority of men with ED suffered in silence; in many lives, Viagra was the key that reopened a door that had been forced shut long ago.

These days, Sildenafil is one of the most frequently prescribed oral medications for men who suffer from the embarrassment of ED, effectively treating the symptoms of their condition for significant improvement and a return to a happy, stress-free love life.


Different formats but same results

Viagra is developing different formats to dispense the treatment — a new gum will release the cure as you chew.


Viagra case by Milwaukee teachers settled

In one of the more bizarre legal cases, Milwaukee teachers sued because they were being denied Viagra. Their case has now been withdrawn. No Sildenafil for teachers.


Viagra helps top athletes improve their performance

The science behind the blue pill is not only useful to treat erectile dysfunction. It's also good to help a good athlete become a better athlete.


What to put in TV ads

Even on cable, explicit ads for erectile dysfunction drugs would be banned. So how do you advertise Viagra?


Basic Information »

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What is ED? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options »

Here is an overview of ED symptoms, causes, and the various treatment options you can choose from.


Is Sildenafil a Safe and Effective Choice for Me?

Read the following guide to find out if the blue pill is a good fit for your needs.


How to Get the Best Results »

Sildenafil is very easy to use, however, there are some things you can do to insure the best results.


Important Questions »

If you want to learn about Sildenafil, ED, and how treatment works, see if we have answers to your questions here.

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